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Booklist (1 April 2009)

How should we act in response to alarming environmental havoc? As with every great endeavor, such as the abolition of slavery, what’s needed is a declaration of values and intent. A manifesto. Sanders, a proven voice of reason and clarity, offers exactly such a document in the hope of shaping an effective green movement. But first he has some stories to share, terms to define, and fresh perspectives to establish. Writing lucidly and stirringly from his home base in Indiana, Sanders views preserving wilderness as a Sabbath in space instead of in time. People who practice an “ethic of restraint” are ark builders because their simpler ways of living are “vessels” holding the wisdom we need to survive the “rising flood” of environmental concerns. Sanders writes crisply about what it really means to call a place home; reminds us of our “common wealth,” the living world; and decries “endless consumption.” Generosity of spirit and love of life underpin Sanders’ 40-point blueprint for ecological health.

reviewed by Donna Seaman
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